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Linking Our Past with Our Present and Future

2019 Entertainers
All Entertainment is free with paid admission


Pop! - Friday!

Combine the music of a DJ, the theatrics of a Broadway musical, and the live energy of an Arena Rock extravaganza! Pop ROCKS is a night of entertainment you won’t forget!! Pop Rocks, a high energy band playing classic and current rock and country.
Johnny! - Saturday!

Millions of people have seen Johnny over the years, and millions of people have been part of his fantourage.

The band plays in most of the United States but most dates are in the 5 state upper Midwest area.

Ask anyone with a twinkle in their eye or a knowing smile about Johnny.
They'll try and tell you all about the mayhem that masquerades as a rock and roll band.

More Music! All Weekend!





Sunday Beer Garden!



Friday Beer Garden!

Saturday Beer Garden!

The Bingos Tuxedo Band